Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, November 29th: Things Fall Apart. Who will put them back together?

Things Fall Apart. Who will put them back together?

Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, November 29th

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Things fall apart.

That seems to be a recurring public policy result of the Santa Cruz City Council’s homeless shenanigans and fake public policy when it comes to addressing this city’s homeless crisis.

And who will put those things back together?

In the aftermath of the official clearing out of hundreds of people who were living in San Lorenzo Park’s Benchlands, city residents are now faced with people camping in all parts of town and wondering where this city is headed. The council, city manager Matt Huffaker, and Santa Cruz PD have only apparently succeeded in moving campers around, rather than finding them safe and secure housing.

“Talk of the Bay” will take a critical look at current Santa Cruz city policy and the plight of some of our community’s most vulnerable on “Talk of the Bay,” this Tuesday, Nov. 29th from 5-6pm.

Long-time homeless activist and advocate, the notorious, audacious, and creative spirit, Robert Norse, will be Chris Krohn’s guest for the entire hour. We will discuss Norse’s more than 30 years of promoting and championing the right of  homeless people to camp outside. Norse, and his tape recorder, have documented many official and unofficial events over the past three decades. He employs activist, non-violent, and guerrilla theatre tactics, often baffling city staff members as he shames decision-makers. Norse is also known for snatching defeat out of the jaws of victory. He often alienates those who stand to gain by his advocacy. It is perhaps a political conundrum in which the homeless debate now inhabits.

Robert Norse is a one-of-a-kind social and political maverick who has been beguiling and imaginatively engaging Santa Cruz city councilmembers since at least the 1990’s. He’s been beaten up, arrested, and harassed by members of a city establishment that often wanted none of his actions known, let alone employed within city limits. Talk of the Bay welcomes this week a Santa Cruz institution, a political martyr and a stalwart in the hunt for social justice. Robert Norse is one enchanting, audacious, and gutsy raconteur of street life in Surf City. Don’t miss this week’s “Talk of the Bay” on KSQD 90.7 and