Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, November 1: Strike, Now!

Strike Now!

Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, November 1st, 5-6 PM

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With the city workers’ strike settled the “Strike-tower” labor lens is turned towards the University of California.  The first half of “Talk of the Bay” this Tuesday at 5p will explore the implications of a graduate student strike at UC Santa Cruz. A rally was held by almost 300 graduate students last Wednesday at the university’s Quarry Plaza to protest low pay and working conditions. Many union members marked their ballots on the spot with a “yes” vote. Others will have a week to decide. On the strike authorization UAW web site it describes why the strike is being called at this time noting, “UC has committed a number of unlawful actions that are impacting the bargaining process at each of our bargaining tables…in response to these actions, Academic Workers are escalating our campaign, and building towards a potential multi-unit statewide strike as early as November.” It is followed by the following question: Do you authorize your bargaining team to call a strike if circumstances justify? Yes or No?

On Part II of the program, we discuss the aftermath of the clearing of the Santa Cruz Benchlands of homeless people. It is not a pretty sight. The city originally identified 150 bed spaces for the more than 400 campers. Join host Chris Krohn and his guest, homeless activist and advocate, Keith McHenry, as they discuss this ongoing crisis. Where can homeless people sleep? Wha tis the city doing to address this dire situation as the season moves towards winter rains? Join us Tuesday at 5p on “Talk of the Bay.”