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Talk of the Bay
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, May 17th: Measure for Measure in Santa Cruz and the County Supervisor's Race

Measure for Measure in Santa Cruz and the County Supervisor’s Race

Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, May 17th, 5-6 PM on KSQD, 90.7 FM and streaming on

Last week on Talk of the Bay, Third District Supervisor candidate Ami Chen Mills was interviewed about her candidacy. This week, we speak with one of her opponents, current Santa Cruz City Councilmember Justin Cummings. He will be with us for the entire hour. In the first half of the show we will be joined by No on Measure E proponents, Stacey Falls and Joy Schendledecker.

Stacey Falls

Joy Schendledecker

Joy SchendledeckerMeasure E calls for changing this city’s at-large city council elections to  six districts and a directly elected mayor. Councilmember Cummings also opposes Measure E. On the second half of the show Talk of the Bay host Chris Krohn will discuss the supervisor race with Cummings. Why is he running and what does he hope to achieve while in office? The trail-only Measure D, and 1/2 cent sales tax, Measure F, will likely also enter into the conversation this Tuesday at 5pm.