Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, May 10th: Who is Ami Chen Mills and Why is She Running?

Who is Ami Chen Mills and Why is She Running?

Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, May 10th on KSQD, 90.7 FM &

Who is Ami Chen Mills?  She is running against current Santa Cruz city councilmembers Justin Cummings and Shebrah Kalantari-Johnson to be the next Third District supervisor, since Ryan Coonerty is retiring from that office. This kind of non-incumbent race does not happen very often and it is beginning to heat up.  It’s a 3-way sprint and Chen Mills is not a typical politician. Unlike her competitors she is not beholden to any of the economic political stakeholders or local political king-makers. She comes into the race not having been elected to any office previously, similar to both former 12-year county supervisor John Leopold and 20-year supervisor Gary Patton. She’s a fresh face with an ambitious agenda that begins with confronting the climate chaos engulfing our planet and our county and also includes, she says, mediating between various factions around the homeless and affordable housing crisis’ now profoundly affecting this community.  Ami Chen Mills is a climate activist, journalist, and former mental healthcare worker. She is the mother of two Santa Cruz High students and has been out walking precincts and talking to hundreds of voters throughout the district which includes the city of Santa Cruz, Davenport, and Bonnie Doon. Chen Mills calls it a local listening tour and she will share with listeners some of what she’s been hearing from county voters.

Join us Tuesday at 5p on KSQD 90.5 and when “Talk of the Bay” host Chris Krohn takes a deep dive into the Santa Cruz County Third District supervisor’s race and delves into the politics of candidate Ami Chen Mills.