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Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, March 1st: Remaking the Electoral Map in Santa Cruz--Who is Behind It?

Remaking the Electoral Map in Santa Cruz–Who is Behind It?

Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, March 1st,


Sandy Brown, City    Councilmember

It seems that a committee of three councilmembers have proposed a brand new way of voting. They want to change the at-large election system, which now allows residents to vote for all seven councilmembers, into a 6 district system along with the direct election of an a-large Mayor. The change was brought to the council only last Tuesday and a 5-2 majority favored it. There will be the usual second council vote to approve it and place it before voters on this June’s ballot.

There has been little public process or public input before deciding upon this momentous change to the city’s charter. Few residents actually

David Terrazas,
Former SC Mayor

know anything concerning this major development about to take place in the way we vote. The ones who’ve spoken out believe it to be a   potential power-grab by an out of touch pro-real estate and market rate housing city council majority looking to become even more powerful.

This week on “Talk of the Bay,” Chris Krohn’s guests will be former Santa Cruz Mayor David Terrazas, two-term city councilmember, Sandy Brown, and former-Comparative Politics Lecturer and keen electoral observer, Steve Bosworth. Mr. Bosworth is also threatening to sue the city over the new voting maps, which few Santa Cruz voters have actually seen. Join us this Tuesday for what is set to be an eye-opening discussion on some bubbling local political intrigue of how we got here. Will the group-think strategy behind this measure, formulated behind-closed doors ever be revealed to Surf City voters?

Steve Bosworth

Join us on Talk of the Bay, Tues. March 1st at 5pm