Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, June 21: Asleep at the Wheel in Santa Cruz

Keith McHenry

Alicia Kuhl

As the homeless crisis in Santa Cruz grows, city officials stumble blindly towards an as yet non-existent solution. The current strategy of pushing more and more poor people into the “official” homeless encampment in San Lorenzo Park has created a health and human crisis. The houseless have also moved across the river and up into the grounds surrounding the county building at 701 Ocean Street. This crisis might partially be alleviated if the city created large zones for vehicles to park, as many are calling for, instead of ticketing and towing the RVs and vans of the most vulnerable of our community. On part one of Tuesday’s Talk of the Bay, host Chris Krohn’s guests will be homeless advocate and former city council candidate, Alicia Kuhl, who just had her own vehicle towed. Food Not Bombs Director, Keith McHenry will join the discussion.

Lani Faulkner

On part two of Talk of the Bay, the lopsided vote sending the Greenway initiative into the ballot ash heap of history will be parsed and dissected. How much was spent? Why the big loss? And what is next for the Yes, and no, on Greenway movement? Lani Faulkner of Equity Transit and an organizer of No Way Greenway, will be our guest. Join us this Tuesday on “Talk of the Bay.”