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Talk of the Bay
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, June 14th: Santa Cruz Elections Wrap-up. What Happened?

Santa Cruz Elections Wrap-up: What Happened?

Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, June 14th

Amy Chen Mills, Candidate for SC County Supervisor

Joe Thompson, State Assembly Candidate

So, after a month of voting in an election that had some pretty significant issues and candidates on the Santa Cruz ballot, what happened?

Believe it or not less than 40% of registered voters voted and there are still over 25,000 Santa Cruz County votes waiting to be tabulated. The two supervisor races are close; the city’s proposed 1/2-cent sales tax is losing; the county’s hotel tax is winning handily, and it appears that voters have soundly defeated the “Yes Greenway” trail-only initiative.

Supervisor candidate Ami Chen Mills joins Assembly candidate Joe Thompson  on Talk of the Bay this Tuesday at 5pm. Your host Chris Krohn will discuss what they learned, and unlearned, about this county’s people and politics while out on the campaign trail. What went right and what went wrong? Both candidates were long-shots to win, was it worth it? Find out on Talk of the Bay, Tuesday, June 14th, on KSQD 90.7 and