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Talk of the Bay
Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, August 30th: Gary Patton: "We Live In a Political World"

Gary Patton: “We Live In a Political World”

On Talk of the Bay, with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, August 30th, 5-6 PM

Gary Patton

Some politicians serve their time in office and then ride off into the sunset, never to be heard from again. Not Gary Patton. He was a Santa Cruz County Supervisor for 20 years, from 1975 to 1995, and did not go quietly into the night. Patton’s an environmental attorney who has taught legal studies classes at UC Santa Cruz for the past six years. He’s also Co-chair of the land-use group, Save Santa Cruz, which regularly holds the city bureaucracy’s feet to the political fire. Patton has been involved in some of the most significant land-use battles in Santa Cruz history from saving Lighthouse Field and the Pogonip for public use to the the managed growth and housing affordability law, Measure J. His imprint looms large on the way this county is still run. He writes a blog called, “We Live in a Political World” and, at 76 years old, he’s still jousting with corporate and real estate developers as well as current elected officials. Gary Patton will be the guest for the entire hour on this week’s “Talk of the Bay” with host, Chris Krohn, of the Santa Cruz Political Report. Join us this Tuesday, 5-6pm for some local political history and an update on current events in Santa Cruz.