Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, April 12: Cars, buses, bikes and trains in Santa Cruz ?!

Cars, buses bikes & trains in Santa Cruz ?!

Talk of the Bay with Chris Krohn, Tuesday, April 12, 5-6 PM on KSQD, 90.7 FM & streaming on the Internet

The Green New Deal for California is not yet a done deal, not even close, but many are toiling day and night to make it happen. The Romero Institute is at the center of the discussion and former San Luis Obisbo mayor, Heidi Harmon, is helping lead the charge in passing a statewide GND for California. The bill is centered around transportation equity and zero emissions vehicles. It seeks to electrify transportation and end the present fossil fuel stranglehold on car drivers. The pressures coming from the fossil fuel lobby are great, but SB 1230 may be the beginning of the end for gasoline oligarchy in this state. The bill, known as the “Clean Vehicle Assistance Program,” would be used to incentivize public transit, car sharing, bike sharing and EVs–both cars and bikes–with zero emission and hybrid vehicle rebates. Harmon is the Senior Public Affairs Director at Romero and does not mince words when discussing the Green New Deal. It’s not if, but when. Host Chris Krohn takes up the GND discussion on Part I of Talk of the Bay, Tuesday April 12 at 5pm.


On Part II of Talk of the Bay we debate the June 7th ballot measure entitled, “The Santa Cruz Greenway Initiative.” Guests both pro and con have been invited to join the discussion. Arguments for and against this initiative can be found here on Santa Cruz County’s official website. This will be a lively conversation examining the future of transportation in this county. The stakes are high, the emotions raw, and ballots will be sent out beginning May 8th. Buckle up and be ready for some insights you perhaps have not yet considered around the rail-trail and trail-only controversy. Tune in this Tuesday at 530p on KSQD 90.7 and