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Talk of the Bay: Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust

The communities around the Monterey Bay are blessed with all of the gifts of the ocean, including abundant seafood–a natural resource that requires protection and thoughtful practices to sustain. Although many of us easily enjoy seafood on our tables, there are still plenty of those who live in this area who do not have food security. It turns out there is a marvelous organization that works to protect and sustain our fisheries, while delivering seafood to relief programs across the region.

The Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust does all this and more! Executive Director Melissa Mahoney talks with Host Christine Barrington about the vision and scope of work encompassing the mission of the trust. Learn about the Monterey Bay Community Seafood Program, which provides healthy, sustainably caught seafood to those in need of food assistance, along with economic support to local fishers, food workers, and seafood businesses. This collaborative effort helps to feed our community while supporting Monterey Bay’s working waterfronts. Since November 2020, the program has purchased over 18,000 lbs of seafood and donated nearly 50,000 nutritious seafood meals to six food relief programs in Santa Cruz and Monterey counties. 

This is 10th anniversary of the Monterey Bay Fisheries Trust. Join their 10th Anniversary Celebration on September 29th: Tickets available; Reserve Now