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Racism & Mental Health: One Year Later

Ep. 36: This show is a follow-up to a two–part series produced in 2020 that examined the effects of racism on mental health. Guest host Gail Borkowski welcomes back Black community members–activist Joy Flynn, psychologist Dr. Robert Bartee, and educator/activist Jason Seals–to talk about the detrimental effects of racism on mental health, the impact of the last year’s events, what’s changed, and what still needs to change to achieve greater health equity and well-being for Blacks and people of color.

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Part 1: Racism and Mental Health – The Effects

Ep. 24: Hear directly from Black community members about the difficult realities of racism and the detrimental effects it has on mental health. Guests describe how it is a daily stressor in their lives and explore the complex and subtle forms racism takes. This is the first of a two-show series on racism and mental health. Included is an extensive resource list.

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