STATE of MIND – Adult ADHD remix (12)

Episode #12: In this STATE of MIND episode, Debra Sloss is joined by guests Judy Brenis and Hannah Jones to discuss Adult ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder). Hannah shares the story of her struggles that led to an adult ADHD diagnosis. She learned to understand and accept herself, and she developed strategies to accomplish her goals and dreams. Judy Brenis shares her experience and wisdom gained from having a child with ADHD, leading ADHD support groups for parents and adults, and working as an ADHD coach. Debra, Hannah, and Judy explore the challenges faced by people with ADHD, how to get properly diagnosed, where to find support and resources, and how adult ADHD differs from childhood ADHD. This was the first STATE of MIND show ever recorded (over a year ago) and was previously released only as a podcast. It has now been re-edited for broadcast.