Faith Matters: Sacred Texts

A Catholic deacon, Baha’i leader, and a Muslim community leader discuss their sacred texts and what make these documents meaningful in their spiritual tradition.

Topic:       Sacred Texts


  • Deacon Patrick Conway (Catholic)

  • Brian Miller (Baha’i)

  • Maha Elgenaidi (Islam) [not pictured]

Every world religion holds that certain texts are special, sacred, or divinely inspired. Each spiritual tradition bases its understanding of the world on some core texts that followers look to for guidance, understanding, and answers to the core questions of life.  On this program, our panel has a conversation about:

  • What are the sacred texts of their faith traditions?
  • Why are these revered texts held to be so special?
  • What do these texts say about sacred texts from other faith traditions?
  • How are these ancient texts from another time and culture able to still shape people’s understanding and values in our modern world today??