Puro Pulpo

Puro Pulpo is the name of the Music Program playing on Thursdays from 10pm to midnight featuring an eclectic mix of world and indie music. “Puro Pulpo” means “Pure Octopus” in Spanish. Why Puro Pulpo? Calamar was already taken and I decided to honor a different kind of Cephalopod: “un pulpo.” The other names that, sadly, I rejected were: Calamar Para Sanar (“squid for healing”) and, my mother’s suggestion, “Calamar es la Cura.” “Calamar es la Cura” means “Squid is the Cure.” Spoken too quickly, however, sounds a lot like “Calamar es locura” which means “Squid is insanity/madness.” Not the vibe that I am trying to create for the show. I feel honored to be working at KSQD and delighted to be able to share music that I feel passionately about with you.




Thursday, February 29 10:00pm


Dr Julio (Puro Pulpo MD)

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Dr Julio (Puro Pulpo MD)

I am a Board-certified family physician who realized that music’s impact on spiritual and emotional health rivals that of traditional medicine in treating physical disease. Music helps form our distinct cultural identities while also bridging our differences. Music grounds and frees us at the same time. Music builds empathy and reminds us of our common humanity. Music creates and strengthens community. Though new to Music DJing, I am very passionate about world music (soukous, salsa, Malian blues) but also have pretty eclectic tastes. I try to challenge myself by having a different theme for each show. It is an honor working at KSQD and having the opportunity to share my music and passion with you. Nothing gives me more pleasure than sharing music that might positively impact your life.BTW: Puro Pulpo means “Pure Octopus.” Why did I pick that name? I have always considered myself a different kind of cephalopod…KSquid = “Many cephalopods, one station”