(Note: this is currently a draft document)

Congratulations on becoming a programmer on KSQD!  Whether you are a news/talk or music program host, part of your responsibilities as a programmer is to set up information for your show on KSQD’s website.  Many of our listeners, especially those outside of the broadcast area, use the streaming and podcast resources on the website to listen to your shows, and having your program information up to date on ksqd.org will help them to easily discover and access your recent shows.

This document outlines the steps that you will need to take as a programmer to set up your accounts and show information.  If you have already completed any of these steps, you can continue this process from your most recently completed step.

If you need any help working through this process, you can contact (Katherine?  Suki?  Other volunteers?) at (their KSQD email addresses).

Also, make sure (once you have a website account) to visit the KSQD Volunteer Portal, which has many other resources, both for the website and show programming in general:

Volunteer Portal

Step 1: Set up KSQD email and web accounts

Once you have been approved for a show, you can contact the KSQD webmaster (webmaster@ksqd.org) to set up your accounts.  Provide the following information:

-copy or forward the email from KSQD staff/program committee approving you as a program host

-specify the email address you would like @ksqd.org (many common first names are already assigned, so if you are using your first name also specify an alternate address if needed).

Once the request has been received, your KSQD email will be set up, along with an associated account on the website.

KSQD uses Google G Suite for Nonprofits to manage the email accounts, and also uses single sign-on for the website accounts (so if you are logged into your KSQD email, for example, you can simply use the “Login with Google” button on the ksqd.org login page instead of needing to fill out a separate username and password).

If you do not want to use a KSQD email and would like to set up a web account using your own email address, please specify this in your signup request.  Note that using this method may may in some cases mean your personal email may be publicly available on the site.

More information on setting up your account can be found here: https://ksqd.org/g-suite-signup/

Once you have set up G Suite, you can also go into your account settings and set a profile picture.  That picture will be displayed along with your author information on your website posts.  If you are using your own email, you will need to set up a Gravatar instead.  More information on that process can be found here: https://ksqd.org/site-signup-tutorial-setting-up-profile-and-gravatar/

Step 2: Set up your Spinitron DJ account and program information

KSQD program pages by default use and update programmer and show information from our charting program, Spinitron.  Once you have your KSQD email account set up, you can contact Howard Feldstein (email goes here, any other volunteers set up for this?) to set up your DJ account and link it to your specific show.

Once that is set up, you can log into Spinitron (https://spinitron.com/m/site/login) and access your DJ profile, where you can add a programmer bio and picture.  You can also add a show logo and description by editing the show information.

See these instructions for more information on account setup: https://spinitron.com/about/help/get-started-dj.html

Step 3: Set up your program page

Once you have your Spinitron information up to date, you can request your program page be created.

There are two options for creating a program page.  The first is to have us generate a standard “scripted” program page that automatically updates itself with Spinitron information, and looks something like this:

Exploring Santa Cruz

The other option is to choose to create a customized page, for example something like this:

Reflections on Buddhism

Please note that if you choose the second (custom) option, you will be fully responsible as a programmer for designing and maintaining your program page.  If you choose this option, you should have at least intermediate web design knowledge and/or experience with the Divi Builder or similar modular WordPress or website builders.  If you are not willing to take on this responsibility, you should choose the first (generated program page) option.

If you choose the first option, to change information on the page, simply update your Spinitron program or DJ information.

If you choose the second option, you will be given access to edit/design your program page on the website.  There are some existing custom templates in the Divi Builder that you may be able to use as a starting point for designing your page.

Step 4: Start making blog posts

Now that your program page is set up, you can begin creating posts about your show.

Here are some video tutorials on this process:

Step 5: Streaming and Podcasting

If you have a music program, due to restrictions in place based on the station’s copyright agreements, we cannot host podcasts of music shows indefinitely; instead, these shows can be listened to over the air, live via the station’s streaming audio, and the most recent two weeks of shows can be listened to on demand via the station’s two-week audio archives (https://ksqd.org/two-week-archive/).

For news/talk programs, it is our goal to have as many shows available as we have space to archive and host them.  As part of this process, an additional requirement for news/talk shows is to set up podcasting.  You can find more information on this process in Section 3 on the Volunteer Portal (you will need to be logged into the website to access the portal):

Volunteer Portal