Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Political Report on Talk of the Bay, June 8th, with Chris Krohn: Cannabis Control and Student Political Power in Santa Cruz (2 topics)
Tuesday’s talk of the Bay features a powerhouse of community voices. The first half hour will be about the future of Cannabis production and sales in Santa Cruz County, and in the second half of the show will discuss student political power and how is it manifested in Santa Cruz.
The Womyn’s Alliance for Medical Marijuana’s co-founder, Valerie Coral, will be joined by political activist and cannabis breeder Pat Malo in a discussion addressing whether Santa Cruz can keep Cannabis production and distribution in the hands of locals, or is it destined to be owned by the corporations?
Then, former UCSC student body president and current chair of the NAACP-UCSC, Ayo Banjo will go one-on-one with Talk of the Bay host, Chris Krohn. Banjo serves as lead researcher focused on increasing recruitment and retention of Pan-African students in higher education. Topics will include the current “Cops off Campus” movement at UCSC, the calls for refunding a portion of the police budget to the community, and post-pandemic relief for small business owners.
Tune in to Talk of the Bay Tuesday, June 8th at 5p.