Part 2: Racism and Mental Health – Improving Access to Support

Episode #25: Continuing our series on racism and mental health, we’re again hearing directly from Black community members as they discuss how access to physical and mental health support could be improved for Blacks and people of color. Join guest host and psychologist Dr. Robert Bartee, activist Joy Flynn, educator and musician Lisa Taylor and educator and activist Jason Seals as they share insights gleaned from their personal and professional experiences in our community. The panel explores how mental health systems have been and continue to be unsafe, culturally inappropriate and invalidating for Blacks and people of color. They offer alternative approaches to supporting wellness along with suggestions for how professionals can improve the accessibility of their services. This is the second show in a two-part series on racism and mental health. Part 1 looked at the effects of racism on mental health for Black individuals and people of color. Check out the extensive resource list posted with this show.