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KSQD 90.7 FM Santa Cruz
Moment of Truth with Alvin Dawkins and Reverend Audri Scott Williams

On Moment of Truth, Thursday, March 10, 2022  at 6pm host Alvin Dawkins interviews Rev. Audri Scott Williams, Director of the Spiritual Enrichment Center in Dothan, AL.

From the pandemic to a crisis of democracy, from political turbulence
to the climate crisis, how can we stay sane, be grounded in the
present moment, and in our mental health and well being – as we look
to see how to be in right action and response with and to what IS.

Rev. Audri is a Global Trustee for the United Religions Initiative.
She served as the Interim Global Indigenous Coordinator for the United
Religions Initiative (2013-2014) and co-convener of the historic
Hidden Seeds Global Indigenous Gathering in Northern California
(2014). She served as an Apprentice with the Worldwide Indigenous
Science Network where she escorted and documented indigenous wisdom
keepers around the world.

She is the first woman to lead a global walk for Human Rights and
Environmental Justice. She led the Trail of Dreams World Peace Walk
over 6 continents (2005-2009); the 13 Moon Walk 4 Peace across America
to over 50 communities (2010- 2011); led The Red Flame for Freedom
Movement, a national movement to end human trafficking, mass
incarceration and children in poverty. She currently is the visionary
for 20 Million Women Strong. Audri is the first African American woman
to run for Congress in Alabama, District 2; and a strong advocate for
the Get Out the Vote Initiatives of Black Voters Matter and the League
of Women Voters in Alabama.

As a global peace walker and advocate for evolutionary change in the
world, Rev. Audri commits herself to creating a sustainable and viable world
for generations to come, she is dedicated to the realization of the
beloved community in the here and now.

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