Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Talk of the Bay from KSQD
Low-Impact Camping Ordinance Raises Questions in Fire Zone

The Low Impact Camping Ordinance drafted by the Santa Cruz County Planning Commission took some rural residents by surprise. On one hand, people are already renting out camping sites on their private properties, sometimes with negative impacts on neighbors, sometimes not. But with the state striving to regulate private camping, such as (similar to Air B and B, but camping) has already made this a common practice.

While some say regulating is the only way to enforce safety rules on private property, others say without enforcement, these rules just rubber-stamp dangerous practices, such as open fires and lax supervision of guest safety. Supporters say some enforcement is better than none, and they want to follow guidelines so they know what is legal. Bonny Doon resident, Nancy Kille came on the program to share her reservations about this new planned ordinance.

Here is a powerpoint showing the parameters of the proposed ordinance.