The Babblery
The Babblery
KSQD volunteers on building community through radio

Ever wondered about the voices you hear on KSQD? You might tune in and hear an intriguing conversation about dreams and psychedeliccs on Saturday. Or maybe you were driving on a Monday at 5 and heard a deeply researched piece about local infrastructure. Or your political ideas were challenged by a deep conversation about an issue you hadn’t thought much about Mondays at 6. Or perhaps you heard KSQD’s own Sandy Stone talking about what it means to be a woman on another Monday at 6.

Check out this conversation by the four women who produced those programs: Katherine Bell of The Dream Journal, Christine Barrington of Talk of the Bay, Ami Chen Mills of Moment of Truth, and Suki Wessling of The Babblery. Four volunteer programmers talk about what it means to build community through following their passions on the air. We ask you to support KSQD with donations or your volunteer hours because The Squid is part of what holds our community together. Whether our programs entertain, excite, intrigue, or even upset you, we are asking you to acknowledge the value of community radio through your support.

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