KSQD is hiring! We are excited to announce we have a job opening for a person who is the essential worker behind the scenes. You need not know all the software systems, we will train you on them. Ideally, we would love to have someone who is already skilled in digital audio editing, broadcast writing, and radio production best practices.

Operations Assistant

Description:  The Operations Assistant is responsible for overseeing and maintaining all audio content in KSQD’s on-air and archived computer systems. An important function of this position is quality control of recorded spots and other on-air submitted content. Their duties also include assisting and training volunteers in the creation of audio content, assisting in station remote broadcasts, and ensuring all content is updated and usable by hosts. This position reports to the Program Director.


  1. Ensure that audio files from syndicated shows are previewed and downloaded into Dropbox and/or ENCO and ready for automation or live play.  This includes routine daily and weekly programs, as well as special recordings of promos, fundraising spots, birthday/holiday greetings, etc.
  2. Train and assist volunteer programmers as needed so that audio files from local programs are downloaded into Dropbox and/or ENCO and ready for automation or live play. Maintain production room reservation system on simplybook.me.
  3. Record/engineer local programs as needed, only when programmers are not able to independently produce their show.
  4. Edit recorded local programs for re-broadcast.
  5. Create playlists for daily automation and update as needed.
  6. Assist volunteers in becoming independent audio editors for pre-recording programs and posting to webpage/podcast.
  7. Create scripts and solicit short recordings from volunteers for promos, fundraising, birthday/holiday greetings, etc.  Ensure that these recordings are properly recorded and ready for airplay.
  8. Maintain and update ENCO files for ease of use by volunteer programmers.
  9. Ensure that underwriting announcements are properly recorded and ready for airplay.
  10. Track weekly fulfillment of underwriting announcements on program logs and report missed announcements to Program Director for rescheduling.  Send fulfillment report to Treasurer at end of contract.
  11. Train and assist volunteers with software needed for home broadcasts.
  12. Oversee remote broadcasting for off-site events.
  13. Daily promotion of programs and events on social media, including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  14. Delete obsolete files and maintain audio files and naming conventions for ease of use.
  15. Assist other staff, volunteers, and listeners with questions and troubleshooting as needed.
  16. Assist with pledge drives as needed.  Edit/produce syndicated programs to accommodate on-air fundraising.
  17. Keep detailed records of hours and activities.


  • Working knowledge of radio automation systems, specifically ENCO
  • Knowledge and understanding of radio communications facilities and distribution systems such as Audioport and PRX.
  • Audio production and editing skills
  • Solid command of broadcast writing
  • Knowledge of FCC and other federal, state and local broadcasting regulations
  • Self-motivated, organized, good time-management skills, and ability to perform assigned duties with little supervision
  • Demonstrated ability to work through difficult and stressful situations
  • Passion for figuring out how things work and troubleshooting problems
  • Skilled in operating radio equipment
  • Knowledge of social media and marketing.

Salary range is $21-$23 depending on experience.To apply: Send resume and cover letter to boardchair@ksqd.org by December 15th.