Be Bold, America!
Be Bold, America!
"Is the Constitution in Crisis?"

“Is the Constitution in Crisis?”

The Constitution is being strenuously tested. How is our Constitution being adhered to or challenged today? Or, is it just a quaint piece of paper as former AG Roberto Gonzales once stated? What are the impacts of the hostility between the president and a few Supreme Court judges who, like himself, are supposed to function as impartial judges and enforcers of the Constitution?  Like the president himself, many executive roles have been manipulated to gain political advantage and powers expanded or contracted accordingly, but these certain governmental functions were intended to be above the fray.

Interview Guests:

Michelle (Mickey) Welsh, J.D., is a professor of Constitutional Law and Employment Law at Monterey College of Law with a legal expertise in employment, education and civil rights. She is a previous chair of the Northern California American Civil Liberties Union board of directors and has been an active member in the Monterey County chapter for 40 years.  Currently, Mickey chairs their Legal Committee. In addition, Mickey is past chair of the Monterey County Women Lawyers Association and has served on numerous organization board of directors in Monterey County.

Mike Rotkin is a former five-time mayor of the City of Santa Cruz and served six terms on the Santa Cruz City Council between 1979 and 2010. Mike retired after teaching 42 years in the Community Studies Dept. at UCSC, where he served as Director of the Field Studies Program. Mike was on the board of directors on the Santa Cruz chapter of the ACLU for several decades. And currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Coastal Watershed Council and the Democratic Women’s Club of Santa Cruz County.