Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Moment of Truth with Ami Chen Mills
Indigenous Wisdom for These Times: Interview with Sherri Mitchell of “Sacred Instructions"

At a time of multiple wars and ongoing climate catastrophe, taking time to listen within, to re-ground, to consider what we love and what needs to be envisioned and expressed at this time are all essential. This interview with Sherri Mitchell, author of Sacred Instructions: Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit-Based Change joins Moment of Truth for a “deeper waters” dialogue about:

  • the Divine Feminine and its role now
  • the current war in Israel and Gaza
  • remaining connected to our hearts no matter what
  • what is the calling of women and feminine energy at this time?
  • identities and the stories we must move past for survival
  • going beyond fear
  • thinking past current paradigms
  • innate wisdom, Divine wisdom
  • the role of indigenous prophecies
  • are “white people” also indigenous?

Show Notes:

Land Peace Foundation (Sherri Mitchell is Executive Director)

Sacred Instructions, the book: