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The Dream Journal
Dreams, Love and Power with Marsha Hudson


Dreams are the workshop of evolution. – Sandor Ferenczi

We talk about dreams and trauma, dreamwork and social activism, the similarity of dreams and poems, and the Love and Power Institute, an entity which Marsha founded with her partner, Norman Brown, which seeks to change the conversation around traditional emotional roles for men and women.

Marsha Hudson, PhD, has been a professional dream work facilitator for two decades and offers groups, workshops, and individual sessions from her home office in Santa Cruz. She is a certified dream worker and a certified gestalt practitioner. Her approach to dream work is the projective method, popularized by the late Jeremy Taylor, which is anchored in Jungian principles.

She has been a steady supporter of the International Association for the Study of Dreams and has served as the Regional Representative for the last ten years. Further, she is the founder of the Dreamer’s Forum which she hosted for three years.

Dr. Hudson’s PhD is in comparative literature with a focus on poetry and for the first 30 years of her professional life she taught composition, creative thinking, and women’s studies at two year and four year colleges in California, ending with UC Santa Cruz. She is the editor-in-chief of the anthology, The Berkeley Literary Women’s Revolution, Essays from Marsha’s Salon, published in 2005 by MacFarland and Company.

With her partner Norman Brown, PhD, she is the co-founder of the Love & Power Institute, which, through workshops and groups, helps people of all ages become more empathic in order to create a more loving human presence on the planet.

The Love and Power Support groups being offered by Marsha Hudson (for women) and by Norman Brown (for men) are currently on-going online.  They both also offer online counseling and dream exploration.  Please check the Love and Power web page and contact then if you are interested in joining.

Marsha Hudson can be reached through the Love and Power Institute webpage:

This replay was broadcast on March 28, 2020 edited from a show which aired originally on May 25, 2019.

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