Good News Santa Cruz
Good News Santa Cruz
Donna Meyers - Homeless Strategies Update
GNSC on Thur Jan 28 host Janet Quinn spoke with Santa Cruz Mayor Donna Meyers about homelessness in Santa Cruz. The historic defunding of affordable housing and mental and behavioral health services, economic downturns, led to growing houseless populations and the homeless encampments along our highways. Santa Cruz City and County are working together to address these growing needs, including Housing for a Healthy Santa Cruz, a County initiative. Support for local organizations is encouraged as well as lobbying our state and federal elected officials for increased funding for low income housing and mental and behavioral health services
Websites below for organizations to get involved in and how cities of Austin, Texas and Bakersfield, Ca are addressing these needs.
SC county and city websites that include organizations that provide homeless services in Santa Cruz and elsewhere.
The Santa Cruz City website has a good list of organizations that provide homeless services.
Housing for a Healthy Santa Cruz Plan
Austin Texas plan to use money that has been cut from the police budget to use to establish permanent supportive housing for the homeless
Bakersfield ended chronic homelessness. Built for Zero and Community Solutions ( nonprofit)
Project Homekey funding in San Mateo to purchase hotels for homeless services and shelter