Does faith really matter? Is spirituality merely a personal preference like ice cream flavors or musical tastes, or does it provide the core foundation of meaning in life?  Faith Matters is a unique program hosted by Seth Schapiro that explores the role faith and spirituality plays in people’s lives.  On the second and fourth Sunday evenings at 6 PM Faith Matters features a live roundtable conversation with local faith leaders discussing their unique spiritual perspective and how it shapes their view of the world and impacts their lives. Topics range from war and peace, good and evil, death and the afterlife, sacred texts, choices, and comfort.

So far, our guests have included a variety of faith traditions, including:

• Judaism

• Evangelical Christianity

• Catholicism

• Buddhism

• Islam

• Bahai

Each program provides time for listeners to call in with questions for the panel of local religious leaders. Tune in every second and fourth Sunday from 6-7 PM to hear stimulating discussions about…faith matters.