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Curbside composting comes to Santa Cruz—and more!

On Talk of the Bay with Suki Wessling: A pile of new environmental laws are coming our way in California since Gov. Newsom signed this session’s bills. Although the effects of many of them will be felt slowly, one change has already come to your kitchen: the new food scrap composting law. Many of us have a new bin to add to our kitchen decor—but how important is this change? Which other laws are going to affect how we eat and live? How will these laws change how businesses package and sell their goods? Joining host Suki Wessling are Leslie O’Malley from City of Santa Cruz Waste Management and Tim Goncharoff, formerly Santa Cruz County’s Zero Waste Programs Manager and now a consultant on environmental issues.

This wide-ranging conversation moves from our home lives (yes, you can recycle dog poo) to politics (why does it take so darn long to implement environmental laws?) to remaining optimistic and working together for a brighter future! Listen in.

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Photo credit: Lenka Dzurendova