Reflections on Buddhism
Reflections on Buddhism
Compassionate Conversations with special guest Sunil Joseph

In this special episode of Reflections on Buddhism, we’re joined by Sunil Joseph, an empathy coach, mindfulness teacher and lifelong Nonviolent Communication (NVC) student, to talk about how we can use the principles of NVC to access our shared common humanity, thereby supporting our practices of lovingkindness and compassion in both everyday life and times of crisis.  By understanding the difference between what we “need” and what we “want,” and seeing those basic human needs reflected in other people, we can start to truly bring nonviolence to our speech, our thinking and our perceptions of others.  In this rich conversation, Ven Tenzin and Sunil offer practical insights into bringing this radical practice in our own lives based on their own practice in places as varied as traffic jams, social media platforms, and the workplace. They also discuss the truly liberating and transformative effect of these practices in their work with students experiencing incarceration.

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