Author: State of Mind

Parenting Transgender Youth

Ep. 3: In this STATE OF MIND episode Debra Sloss, LMFT is joined by parent advocate Heidi Korokowski and gender therapist Daniel Blumrosen, LMFT to talk about the unique and often challenging experience of parenting a transgender child, how to provide support and where to find help and support yourself.

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Suicide and Grief: A Story of Hope

Ep. 2: Rabbi Lori bravely shares about losing her mentally ill mother to suicide and her grieving and growing process over the 30+ years since. Guests discuss insights about grief, descriptions of the many ways people grieve in general and specifically following a suicide. Join us for this beautiful story that travels the distance from tragedy to hope.

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Understanding Adult ADHD

Ep. 1: One woman’s story of her struggles leading up to and then being diagnosed as an adult with ADHD. Follow her journey in learning to accept and understand herself, how she sought support and ultimately found strategies and skills so that she could accomplish her dreams. Learn more about the kinds of challenges having ADHD presents, how it differs in adults and children, what to know about getting properly diagnosed and where to support.

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