Saturday afternoon, June 17th 2023. High atop Fremont Peak, cool breezes and even cooler KSQD sounds take to the air.
Engineer Sandy Stone, and volunteers Lani Bandhauer and Joe Truskot finagled available time and space, finessed signals, wrangled gear and untangled cords.
Thanks to park ranger Derek for the pleasant, information, conversation & helping with the metal gate, codes, and keys.
Fun to read Sandy’s car radio, reading  “…runs on… 89.7 FM”
Papa Sam and Charlie Lange, on air, on both 90.7 FM and 89.7 FM accompanied our KSQD trio down the mountain.
Thanks to everyone who donated to KSQD signal expansion, these views and this air is yours. Thank you all for broadening K-Squid’s reach, and sharing the air